Introduction to Shoe Care
Crafted from beautifully selected leathers, Louis Vuitton shoes are the perfect blend of sophistication and savoir-faire, passed down through generations of dedicated craftsmen in Italy. These natural and living materials need to be regularly cared for so that you may fully appreciate their beauty and comfort for years to come.
It is best to rotate your shoes every two days of consecutive wear. This will allow the leather fibers adequate air and rest. When not in use, store in the felts provided at purchase in a dry place away from any direct heat source. To preserve the shape of men’s city shoes, we suggest storing with a shoe tree after each use.
Contact with water or products containing solvents, oily, or abrasive elements should be avoided as they may cause unwanted staining or blisters. When putting on your shoes, a shoehorn is suggested to avoid damaging the material in the back of the heel. For proper maintenance, be sure to have the toplifts (the bottom of the heel, made generally in rubber, in direct contact with the ground) of your shoes changed periodically to prevent from becoming too worn down as this can become very slippery to the wearer.
By taking care of your Louis Vuitton shoes in this way, you will be able to wear them for many years and fully appreciate their beauty and comfort. Do not hesitate to ask for advice in your Louis Vuitton store where our specialized sales-associates are at your disposal to guide you and answer your questions.

Smooth or grained leathers
For cleaning grained leather, wipe any surface stains with a soft damp cloth. Once the leather is dry, polish it in circular strokes using a high quality colorless cream and a soft cloth.

Patent leathers
Patent leathers can be cleaned with a soft dampened light colored cloth, and then dried with a clean cloth. To avoid color migration, limit contact with other leathers or highly pigmented colors.

Metallic leathers
Metallic leathers can be cleaned with the help of a soft and dry cloth.


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