Malle Cocktail

S$ 236,000.00

The historical Cocktail Trunk is reinvented in Monogram Eclipse. An exceptional Cocktail Trunk celebrating New York festive spirit in the purest tradition of barmen. Magnifying the House historical know-how, this spectacular trunk adorns a beautiful blue microfiber lining, bringing to light the pureness of its crystal service.

56 x 130 x 45 cm
(Length x Height x Width)
  • Black cowhide leather handle
  • Lock closure with buckles
  • Drawers and compartments to host a complete cocktail set
  • Compartments to host bottles
  • Outside: Coated Monogram Eclipse Canvas
  • Lining: Blue microfiber and VGV leather
  • Trimmings: Black cowhide leather

This reference is made in France.