Working out at home doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming, in fact going back to basics prove to be just as effective in getting your heart racing.

Set aside a space within your home – your sweat zone – and read on for 10 ways to jumpstart your home fitness regime:

1. Elevate your heart rate. The very basis of working out. Benefits include better blood circulation, burning of calories, improved stamina and a stronger immune system. HIIT (high-intensity interval training), strength training or active recovery exercises are a few ways to encourage heart pumping. Measure your resting heart rate and track its elevation on the Horizon connected watch, as you embrace these healthy habits in your lifestyle.

2. Simple props for a full-body workout. What used to be a childhood game you played, skipping rope is a fun way to challenge your cardiovascular system and improve your stamina. Alternate single and double jumps to keep your workout interesting.

3. Utilise the stairs. Put on a comfortable pair of shoes and burn those calories. Stair climbing offers more benefits than running or brisk walking, as you work against gravity with each step. The simple switch of taking the stairs instead of the elevator, will build muscles in the lower body and welcome toned calves and legs in due time!

4. Dance like nobody’s watching. Get on your dancing shoes and boogie on, ‘cause dancing is one of the best whole-body workouts that’s actually fun. Along with fitness benefits, the mood and psychological gains are also impressive: improved energy, lowered stress, instant release of endorphins, curbing of anxiety and building of confidence. It’s clear that we could all use more salsa, samba and hip hop moves in our lives.

5. Pump up the volume, let’s get physical. Numerous research showcase why music and exercise make such a good team. The bass levels in upbeat songs fires you up and puts you in an empowered state of mind. Immerse yourself in your playlist via the Horizon wireless earphones – music will energize and empower you throughout your workout.

6. Netflix and … sweat? Let’s face it, majority of our leisure time is now spent online, usually streaming a show. Lessen the guilt by incorporating simple exercise moves such as squats, lunges or push ups in between each episode. For a full workout, discover free classes on websites and apps, there’s plenty to choose from.

7. Stay still. Challenge your concentration by holding a few balancing acts: standing on one leg, being on tiptoes or maintaining a yoga pose. Practice these exercises to activate your core and improve stability in daily movements. Feeling a little wobbly? Engage your abdominals and tighten them – without holding your breath – to keep yourself steady.

8. Lift heavy. Pro tip, if you’re looking to level up your workout in a limited space, include weighted exercises. A pair of dumbbells allow for unilateral training as both limbs do the same amount of work. Add dumbbell variations to your crunches, arm curls and chest routines to work up a sweat and improve overall strength, flexibility and coordination. Show off your newly toned bod this Summer.

9. A game for two. Working out with a partner, doubles the fun. An existing table in the dining room or patio might be where the next friendly ping pong competition will be held. Soak up the sunshine in your garden, as you bat a volleyball across your imagined court. Envision yourselves on a Brazilian beach as you play frescobol, keeping the ball in the air for as long as you can with beach bats.

10. Hydration. Have your bottled water close by to satisfy that workout thirst by taking in enough fluids. Not only does drinking water improve physical performance, it also helps with temperature regulation and reduces fatigue, among other benefits. As a plus, filled bottles double up as weights for resistance training to further sculpt muscles and test your endurance.

It doesn’t matter which workout you choose, so long as you put in your best effort and keep moving. Shop the selection of accessories online and enjoy complimentary delivery to your home. In selective countries, orders will be personally delivered to your doorstep on the same day (for purchases made before 12pm) or on the next day as part of our White Glove service.

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