For someone working from home or taking time off to recalibrate, staying indoors might spark a compelling reason to reassess the space that you are spending time in. The home desk, often considered a serious spot for getting things done, can also be one where ideas, creativity and curiosity are stimulated during leisure.


The ability to work remotely is fast becoming a new normalcy. This calls for you to consider versatile objects that are desk essentials and will help you stay focused. A Scott box or leather valet tray holds necessary stationery and keeps tech accessories tidy. A table clock is useful as décor and for easy viewing of time. Having an agenda close, keeps you in check of your daily tasks and weekly goals. The on wireless earphones include noise-cancelling and ambient-listening modes for when you need absolute concentration. Remember to keep a smart casual sweatshirt in reach, for your next video meeting.


From the comfort of our own homes, it’s entirely possible to expand your fields of creativity and imagination or learn a new artistry online. May the curated list of activities below inspire you to pick up a new skill or reconnect with an old hobby, for when you are blessed with more time on your hands over the weekends or when you are taking a break.

Have a notebook or a journal available at your desk, to pen down your thoughts, strengths and activities that you might be interested in. Light a candle – a perfect way to relax and help you get into a more productive mindset. Plug into your Horizon wireless earphones and listen in to online tutorials and connect with the relevant communities to fast track your learning.

Perhaps it is time to realise your Masterchef dreams or be inspired to pick up those paintbrushes once more. Discover newfound talents within you or advance your skills that might be profitable.

Here are more productive things to try:

  1. 1. Learn a new language, ahead of your next travel
  2. 2. Hone a digital skill be it, coding, digital marketing or photo editing
  3. 3. Transform your fitness routine to keep exercising interesting
  4. 4. Try your hand at ink calligraphy and prepare beautiful hand-written notes for your loved ones
  5. 5. Sign up for an online diploma or course
  6. 6. Replicate dishes of your favourite family recipes, or learn cooking and baking
  7. 7. Be introduced to a mixology course and create a signature cocktail
  8. 8. Pick up a new musical instrument: master the basics of musical theory and start writing your own music
  9. 9. Learn photography and master the ins and outs of digital or analog cameras
  10. 10. Consider starting a podcast, speaking on topics that you are passionate about and engaging with other like-minded people
  11. 11. Train like an MMA fighter through online workout sessions
  12. 12. Draw up a book bucket list
  13. 13. Experiment with new makeup looks via beauty tutorials
  14. 14. Express yourself in visual art forms through painting, drawing, illustrating, pottery
  15. 15. Grow an herb garden
  16. 16. Learn the art of breathing and practise daily meditation

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