Being organised comes with a series of benefits such as saving time (from searching for misplaced items every day), giving you a peace of mind, saving money (now that you can find and use what you own), and most importantly, helping you to feel in control and more confident.

The concept of de-cluttering has been ingrained as an important pre-organisation task but here’s the deal breaker: how do we continue to maintain this immaculate sanctuary after the big clean-out? Here are some tips on staying organised at home and enjoying your space.

Instead of adopting idealistic inspirations from design magazines, Pinterest or other stylish homes, decide what organisation means to you. Balance aesthetics with a system that is functional. Realise what motivates you to keep your space organised and how it makes you feel.

With a small dose of initial discipline, create achievable and simple to perform actions. We resort to routines as we go through the motions of our day, thus practising them daily will cement its place. To illustrate one of the ways to keep a regular momentum, it is a good habit to action on immediate clean-up: making the bed, washing a cup after use or putting that pair of shoes back in your closet.

Practice mise en place – a French culinary phrase referring to “putting in place” or “everything in its place” – a vital aspect of learning to cook professionally. Transcend the kitchen and apply this mantra to the rest of your residence. Create specific areas, folders and compartments to house different items and notice that everything has a home. This will greatly help in building your organisational systems, aligned with your cleaning habits.

Envision a unique mood for dedicated spaces within your home, each room just as inviting and stylish as the next. Up the style ante and accessorise with hard sided trunks and cases to protect your precious belongings, leather trays to hold essentials that you grab on your way out, and stunning plexiglass ornamental boxes to house makeup items. Show a touch of your personality through a Vivienne doll collectible, leaving out leather origami flowers for the coffee table or a whimsical display of monogram plates and cups in the dining room. These personal expressions are small reminders throughout the house, for you to truly enjoy the home you’ve built.

Living with others, it’s ideal to plan a coordinated calendar for cleaning up and keeping the home organised. Sync with the rest of the household on weekly tasks so you can nudge the responsible party to carry them out at the scheduled time. Don’t be afraid to delegate and organise simple tasks to young children as a proactive way of doing something together as a family.

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