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The Louis Vuitton City Guide series travels to Dubai, a fast-paced, cosmopolitan city that’s readily adaptable to the diverse origins, cultures, and desires of its inhabitants and visitors from around the world.


Once a small village of pearl fishermen, Dubai is now a superlative city focused on the future, being designed and built at a frenetic pace. From gravity-defying towers and fountains with spectacular Wagnerian displays to hidden corners and places off the beaten track, the city is constantly on the move. Galvanized with energy, Dubai relishes seemingly impossible challenges, like creating a huge sail on an artificial island – the Burj Al Arab, rapidly becoming the country’s emblem.
Carefully balancing cultivated tradition and futuristic modernity, life is a blend of local customs and contemporary practices. Inhabitants, be they Emiratis or international residents, are happy to embrace the city’s idiosyncrasies and certain little luxuries. A kaleidoscope of cultures and religions, Dubai is at the contemporary crossroads of Asia and the West, juggling multiple time zones but making space for moments of serene calm.
Finally, the cosmopolitan city that it is, Dubai offers the chance to taste the whole world on your plate and in your glass. And like every great capital worthy of the name, it provides plenty of food for thought, material to read and sights to see.

The new Dubai City Guide is now available online or in bookstores worldwide, with a version available on the City Guides App (iOS).



For the past 20 years, the Louis Vuitton City Guide series has explored 30 of the world’s leading metropolises, with an offbeat look at local fashion, design, contemporary art, food, and culture. Each volume invites writers and guests from diverse backgrounds to provide a completely subjective view of the most beautiful hotels, the best restaurants, the quirkiest shops, and the most famous historic places.

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