Myriad : the new Extrait

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Capturing the exceptional collaboration between Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, Les Extraits Collection elevates fragrance to an art form. Enriching the collection as the sixth opus, Myriad reinvents the extraordinary essence of oud – a wood so precious it's known as the black gold of perfumery.

Myriad : the new Extrait

New Myriad Extrait: Oud of a thousand colors.

Evoking a rainbow of olfactory nuances, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud revisits a pillar of perfumery: Oud. An exceptional essence exclusive to the Maison, it reveals the captivating scent of the precious wood in all its splendor. Amplifying every facet from floral and spicy to animal, the Master Perfumer accomplishes a veritable feat: marrying the power of oud with the airy, colorful aesthetic of the Les Extraits Collection.

“Oud is a scent so profound that it seems to contain all the others. I tried to pierce it with light to reveal every aspect of its scent, like a diamond that diffracts light in all the colors of the rainbow.“ - Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud

Concentrated to the extreme in this virtuoso creation, oud blends with a made-to-measure rose. Traversed by ethereal white musk, it extends its leathery accents into swirls of saffron, unveiling its raw sensuality upon contact with cocoa. A myriad of olfactory notes, this masterful fragrance is a tribute to Nature’s genius and the inspiring diversity of Life.

An Invitation to Travel

The Flaconnier des Extraits designed by Frank Gehry mirrors Louis Vuitton’s trunk-making savoir-faire, showcasing the architect’s ability to create movement through static forms. Imbued with the Maison’s spirit of travel, its rounded, supple shape enhances Myriad – in a display of exceptional craftsmanship.