Women's Fashion Campaign

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In an ode to timeless Parisian elegance, the Maison celebrates the GO-14 and the Capucines in a new campaign, showcased by Elaine Zhong and House Ambassadors Léa Seydoux, Hoyeon, and Deepika Padukone.

Exclusively available in Louis Vuitton stores.

Women's Fashion Campaign

Backdropped by the city of Paris, the House Ambassadors explore the capital accompanied by the iconic handbags, effortlessly embodying the audacious sophistication of the signature creations.

Time is fast-paced, or barely moving. Always vivid. Linked to life itself.
Léa Seydoux
Time is action. Speed, destination. Each day presents a new dynamic.

Evocative of a contemporary French aesthetic, the GO-14 captivates with its striking silhouette, while the emblematic Capucines evokes Louis Vuitton’s timeless style codes.

Time is a memory. A flashback, a reminiscence, and then a return, once again, to the present.
Deepika Padukone
Time is control. An intuition of what lies ahead. The extraordinary strength to see beyond the horizon.
Elaine Zhong